What is crafting plants?

What crafting plants is about?  

Crafting plants is about creating flowers, texts, toys and animal characters from plants. The most advanced crafters can even prepare ”fishnets and chains”.

If you are interested in crafting the plans, you have come to the right place.


I will tell you

  • from which plants you should start
  • with which kind of knife you can start
  • which models are the easiest and sure models
  • about the mistake, that almost blocked my success entirely
  • advices how you will get your creations to be more ”living”
  • how to save the plants good for longer time

These and another things I will be writing in my blog.

Miksi blogiani kannattaa lukea?

In the blog I have a meaning to help you notice that crafting plans is extremely exciting and rewarding, for all the family.

In the articles I will tell among other things:

  • how my hobby has developed during years
  • different work tools
  • different materials
  • different model options
  • useful information about everything related to crafting
  • how you can take advantage on your creations

I find the topic very interesting and that’s why I decided to create a blog to share my knowledge with people like you.

Benefits of crafting plants

Crafting plants is very grateful thing to do, because you can eat everything later. Doesn’t matter how you carve them when the plants are supposed to be eaten anyway. It is very therapeutic hobby because in addition to succeeding you will have happy mind ”I did it!”-feeling.

Crafting plans won’t cost you any extra, because it will embed to your normal daily cooking. It is also very easy to get children along. Even the grandchildren from my neighbor – even the boys – get very fast along and excited when they get their hands on plants.

If in your family it is difficult to get children to eat vegetables, could there be any more easy way, than to take them as part of your own hobby of carving plants. In the same time when they are carving, part of the plants gets eaten. They also learn to use the knife very well.

Crafting is a common hobby for all the family, even for the children.

What crafting plants is not

Here are some things that affect to succeeding when carving plants. These things are not blocks when you are carving the easiest models with a normal kitchen knife. These are the things that you need to know, when you start carving more advanced models.

  • it won’t be easy at start
  • it doesn’t work without proper tools
  • it doesn’t fit for persons with short nerves
  • it doesn’t fit for impatient persons

Crafting plants is fun and you can get to know the hobby by reading by blog and seeing the pictures on kaiverrakukka.fi Facebook page. I publish there photos in real-time on my own and grandchildren’s creations.

I have prepared a lot of different models, but mostly I have liked flowers. I have worked on them and already tell being professional on making those. Like with learning any other skill, I had to pass the difficulties when starting.

In the start crafting was groping or actually miserable. Even the dream of learning to craft was some time on a break. After trying very hard a few times I learned the important skills. The joy that came from that was enormous. Now you also have the opportunity to feel the same joy.

Crafting wasn’t easy for me at start. There was no publications in Finnish where I could have learned even the basics to succeed. The literature that I bought was from a trip of vacation. Translating asian text to finnish using sanakirja.org was not successful for me.

But you only have to watch the photos and read my blog to see how I accomplished the level of crafting where I am now.

Can you help me by telling which things about crafting plants are you thinking about?

Send questions, opinions or any other feedback via email info@kaiverrakukka.fi or on ”Contact me”-form on this page. I am very grateful for all feedback.

My goal is the help you find the beauty and the easiness of crafting plants. With practise you will create wonderful creations, but only with basic technique you make people amazed.

Here you can read where my hobby began.

I am very grateful that you are with me! Let’s make this great journey together!